client reactions to their first reiki sessionThat’s the question I often hear from clients right after their first Reiki session.

Of course I’ve explained beforehand what Reiki is and what will happen. No matter. New clients often express surprise that a technique so simple could leave them feeling so deeply relaxed, pain free or utterly refreshed, to name a few possible outcomes.

Look, I’m the first person to agree that Reiki does seem to have a magical quality. Reiki treatment is merely light physical touch. There’s no massage or manipulation of tissue. There isn’t even any physical pressure applied. And if a client isn’t comfortable with light physical touch the practitioner can also work above the client’s body in their energy field. No touch at all! No wonder the results can seem so out of proportion to the treatment itself – especially to a first-time client.

Was this what it was like when aspirin was first invented? Did early users exclaim, “I swallowed this pill and my headache went away? Miraculous!”

Now, of course, almost everybody I know has some variation of aspirin in their medicine cabinet. I bet that most of us don’t give “the magic” of acetaminophen or ibuprofen a second thought. Will Reiki be as well-known and as commonly used someday? Actually that desire – for Reiki to be as common as aspirin – was actually the vision of Hawayo Takata, an early adopter and proponent of Reiki in the U.S.

I do like Takata’s thinking. In the meantime I’ll welcome hearing, “what just happened?”