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Simply Learned Anyone can learn Reiki and benefit from its healing presence in their world. An introductory class will give you access to Reiki’s healing energy for the rest of your life. Advanced classes offer additional tools and techniques for those who wish to delve deeper. Learn More

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Simply Experienced Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing technique that can help bring balance, peace, and transformation into any aspect of your life. Experience deep relaxation and healing by treating yourself to an hour of Reiki. Learn More

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Simply Transformative Reiki healing radiates out from the smallest of scales in our own lives to the largest of scales in the world as more and more people choose a path of healing. Are you called to be part of this big picture of peace and wholeness? Learn More

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What Just Happened?

April 18th, 2015|0 Comments

That's the question I often hear from clients right after their first Reiki session. Of course I've explained beforehand what Reiki is and what will happen. No matter. New clients often express surprise that a [...]

Laurie Goldstein, founder of Reiki Rising, offers her clients and students an opportunity to bring Reiki’s healing gifts into their lives. Learn more about Laurie.